My name is Ryan Cook and I come from a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada. I grew up singing in local punk /death metal bands but shortly after college learned some old cowboy songs and would occasionally sing them at a Zellers Restaurant during Seniors breakfast. Somehow, I graduated to cafes, clubs, and showcase stages and was lucky enough to even win some awards. One day in 2009 I was invited by WSM Radio to sing my own songs at the Ryman Auditorium and Ernest Tubb Record Shops in Nashville, Tennessee. These days, I travel far and wide in a mini Japanese-motorhome with my dog -Banjo. We take pictures, camp, and sing for the fine folks that we meet on the lost highway. 
This is my story and it's all true.


Let's get busy 

Things are about to heat up as we hit the final frame of 2015 in Atlantic Canada. I'll be appearing at a number of shows in Nova Scotia from now until October before beginning the long migration south for the Winter. 

Some great shows coming up and 6 final performances with the Valley Singers! Come see this show as we will not be running it in 2016. All kids of great venues in this list:

Saturday, August 22 -House Concert
7:00 PM, Robinsons Corner, NS

Friday, August 28 -Ryan Cook & The Valley Singers @ House Concert
8:00 PM, Meaghers Grant, NS

Saturday, August 29 -Ryan Cook & The Valley Singers @ The Chatterbox Cafe
8:00 PM, 10163 Durham Street, Pugwash, NS

Tuesday, September 1 -HUFF Presents! Lindi Ortega & The Halifax All Stars + Gabriel Minnikan + Ryan Cook @ The Carleton Music Bar & Grill
8:00 PM —11:55 PM, 1685 Argyle St., Halifax, NS

Friday, September 4 -Ryan Cook & The Valley Singers @ Zion United Church  
7:00 PM Church Hill Road, Sandy Cove, NS

Saturday, September 5 -Ryan Cook & The Valley Singers @ The Union Street Cafe
8:00 PM 183 Commercial St., Berwick, NS

Friday, September 11 -Ryan Cook & The Valley Singers @ Th'YARC Playhouse
8:00 PM, 76 Parade St,Yarmouth, NS

Saturday, September 12 -Ryan Cook & The Valley Singers @Westfield Community Centre
8:00 PM, 977 Old Westfield Road, Westfield, NS

Saturday, September 19 -Artist of the Month Q&A/ Workshop @ Moe's Music
1:00 PM — 2:00 PM 110 Gerrish St, Windsor, NS


I've just received a nice invitation to open for Alt-Country singer Lindi Ortega at this years Halifax Urban Folk Festival. The show takes place Tuesday, September 1st at the historical Carleton Music Bar & Grill and I betcha tickets will go fast! Lindi is from Toronto originally and has been making a big deal across North America for the last few years. This should be a great show, with the Halifax All Star band backing her up. COME! 

OMG he's back with a NEW WEB SITE 

You may have noticed my website has received a few facelifts over the past few months. I gathered some feedback and it seemed that Carol in BeaverBank really missed the blog section of my old site. So, I've reinstated the old blog and will continue to update it as obviously my fingers are really on the pulse of whats happening in music these days. 

I had a whirlwind start to 2015. To be exact, I white-man-danced on Koh Chang's Lonely Beach in Thailand until 8am ringing in the New Year professionally. As the sun came up my accomplice Anders was nowhere to be found and I proceeded to stumble 8km back to Kai Bae Beach until my feet were bloody and bruised. I slept until 7pm before haggardly fulfilling my duties as nightly entertainment at the Seabreeze Lounge. Much love to Ding and the entire crew who hired me on Kai Bae, I miss you greatly.

Somehow 2015 is half over and I've still not completely recovered from South-East Asia. I've been travelling steadily with the Valley Singer show here in Canada and I'm just a bit exhausted. I picked a challenging show to bring to audiences this Summer and luckily we've got a break before carrying out the last 3 weeks of concerts. Evidently, it turns out that 3 & 4 part harmonies require a tremendous amount of patience and rehearsal. 

I'll be doing a lot less performing in Atlantic Canada over the next 12 months, planning to finish up writing my new record which will require me to step back from my generally heavy tour schedule. I need to get back to Tennesse this Winter to see friends and that might be a good place to finish writing. I'll still be active online, and you can expect a lot more photography and hopefully some new hi-def videos as well. My next record might be a giant departure from the mostly radio-friendly material I've been producing here in Canada. I'm not sure how to describe where I'm going with my new stuff as it mostly hasn't been written yet.

I've taken up Instagram, waiting to be the last person left to start an account. I love the platform except having to cram photos into a square format. You can find me by searching Canadas_Youngest_Snowbird. My 1984 Toyota Spaceship is still operational and Banjo says he'd like to go back to Key Largo and see another Beach Boys concert this Winter. I'd personally like to return to South Korea and record a live album but the hundreds of dollars I make playing music each year wont pay for both so I'll have to pick between the Southern USA or Asia this Winter. 

As always, I'll try and do something exciting as it looks better in pictures.

A bunch of great Valley Singers shows coming up and a special appearance the Halifax Urban Folk Festival. More on that soon!

This Saturday Night (MAY 16th) I will be performing a solo show in The Village of Gagetown 

I've been lucky enough to perform to a few packed houses at the Creekview Restaurant in The Village of Gagetown and it's the closest thing to a house concert I've experienced while in a public setting. One of the few shows I'll be doing without the singers this year was planned just recently when I spoke with Barbaba Masters -owner/operator at the Creekview. I was hoping to get in with a Valley Singer Show but we couldn't find a date so rather than hold out until 2016 I'll stop by Saturday night for my first maritime show of the year. 

We've lost a few of the fine folks around those parts in the last two years but we will keep them in our hearts and keep moving on. It's a special place for many and if you haven't been before do take the opportunity to come see for yourself this Saturday night. We can only fit about 40 people in the restaurant so call now for tickets! 506.488.9806 Click here for more details. 

With my friend David Cook who used to attend all of my shows at the Creekview Restaurant. We miss you David.   

With my friend David Cook who used to attend all of my shows at the Creekview Restaurant. We miss you David. 



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